South Sumatra's exports in october

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Palembang, Dec. 8 (Antara) - The South Sumatra office of the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) recorded a 14.44 percent increase in the province's exports of commodities other than oil and gas from the previous month this year.

The BPS chief Yos Rusdiansyah said South Sumatra recorded  US$188.08 million in exports of non-oil/gas commodities in October  up from US$164.35 million in September this year.

Yos said the main export destinations of the commodities  from South Sumatra were the United States, Malaysia and Japan.

In the first 10 months of this year, exports to the United States were valued at US$259.22 million , to Malaysia  US$177.75 million and to Japan US$158.56 million. The three countries accounted for 38.30 percent of the exports of South Sumatra.

In the same period, its exports to the European Union  were valued at US$228.83 million and to other ASEAN countries at US$285.94 million.

The province's exports of mining products  dropped 25.06 percent , exports of manufactured goods shrank 19.51 percent and exports of farm commodities fell 5.22 percent.

South Sumatra  is an oil producer but it had no exports of oil and gas in October this year.
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